Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Part of Cross Stitching That No One Likes To Do

UGH!!! Ok, so I have been working on Song in Your Heart. I stitched the entire blue border around the edge of the design. And then started stitching some of the flower pieces around the frame of the pattern. It was going great! I got all the way across the top of the frame, then down the right side of the frame, and then it happened ... somewhere I screwed up bcuz I didn't have enough room for the last stitch on the right side! So I went thru ALL of the little flower pieces that I had already stitched. And they appeared to be right. Then my husband checked them all (yes he stitches too occasionally). They were right. Then he checked the outside border. OMG! There it was. The sides of the border were one stitch too short. So now where am I on this pattern? Tearing out 217 stitches all the way across the bottom of the pattern ~ UGH! This is the part of cross stitching that no one likes to do, tearing out stitches, also known as "frogging". Especially so many of them ~ lol. Oh well so is the world of cross stitching. ☺

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