Saturday, September 20, 2008

FINALLY I Got My Stitching Bug Back!!!

Well, I haven't done hardly any stitching since I finished the piece for my Grama. It was as if I lost my stitching bug for a while. But I think I just had a lot going on in my mind. Plus I hadn't been sleeping well the past few months & I think the lack of sleep was finally catching up with me.

BUT NOW, although still feeling sleepy now & again, I seemed to have found my stitching bug again. My father in law's birthday party is one week from today ... 7 days away. And my husband & I have been trying to decide what to get for him. Then last nite it hit me! My husband's family has a sort of symbol that they all share, a mushroom. There is no specific reason. It's just something they decided. My father in law and all of his sons have a mushroom tattoo on their legs. And I too have a mushroom tattooed on my left ankle. Anywho, last nite it hit me for a great gift for my father in law. I have the cutest little mushroom house pattern!!! I thought I would stitch this for him & then add the family name on it or something. Then my husband came up with the idea of having it say "Shroom Sweet Shroom" to the right of the mushroom house. I thought that's a great idea. So now I have exactly 7 days (I know I've heard that in some movie) to start & finish this pattern, in order to present this gift to my father in law at his 60th birthday party next Saturday nite. Here is a picture of the pattern that I am doing, other than the wording. And each day I will post my progress as I stitch it up until next Saturday when I should have it completely finished & framed.

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GoldenAngelsWorks said...

That sounds like it is really going to be cute. I know you can get this done in time.