Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Elemental Masks Progress

Here is the most recent photo of my Elemental Masks progress. This is about 27 hours of stitching or so.

United Hearts Wedding Record Progress

Here is my progress so far on United Hearts Wedding Record. Only a couple of hours of stitching into it.

Elemental Masks Progress

Here is my progress so far on the Elemental Masks pattern. It's a large pattern of solid stitching. 167w X 250h stitches for a total of 41,750 stitches! The finished design is 11 7/8" wide by 17 3/4" tall. The pattern itself is 16 pages long & that doesn't include the floss list or anything. And so far I about halfway finished with the FIRST page! So this pattern has no time limit & I work on it whenever I need a break from the other projects that I am working on. I figure with this one, whenever I get it done is fine. I am in no rush to finish it. Although I can't wait to see it all finished, it has been such a fun & amazing piece to stitch so far. With every row of stitching, I can just see the image come together right before my eyes!

"On Hold" Works in Progress

These are a couple of other projects that I started last year, but I have put on hold to work on some of the ones that I am working on now. They are patterns that I am stitching on tote bags for my kids to trick or treat with every year. On my daughter's, I have only stitched her name and the two bats on top so far. On my son's I have gotten much further. Really all there is left to do with his is the glow in the dark Kreinik floss around where it says Trick or Treat. And then the scarecrow's hands & everything below where it says Trick or Treat.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Additional Current Stitching Projects

I also have these current stitching projects that I am working on. The wedding one is one that I actually just started bcuz my big brother is getting married in a couple of weeks, so I am making it as a wedding gift. And his wife to be is pregnant, so the baby announcement one is for them also! She is due in October. The United States Marine Corps emblem is for my big brother bcuz he is a retired Marine. Currently, I have put aside all of my other projects to work on the wedding one so that I can get it finished in time for the wedding. I am participating in an online Stitch-A-Long this weekend and will be working on the wedding project. Once that is finished, then I can go back to the other projects. I have no time limit for the United States Marine Corps pattern, as I'll just give it to my brother when it's finished. The baby announcement one of course I need to finish by October, which since it's a smaller pattern, shouldn't be a problem. The Song in Your Heart pattern, I want to finish before the holidays. The Elemental Cosmos pattern and America the Beautiful pattern I want to have finished in time for the Arizona State Fair this October, but if I don't get one or the other finished that's ok too. Hopefully will have at least one of them done. And the Elemental Masks pattern, well since that is such a large & solid pattern, I have set no time limit for myself for this one. I'll just enter that one whenever I get it finished. I truly can't wait to finish them all to see how they look all finished! The wedding pattern has a technique that I have not used before called "cording". Where I have to twist strands of floss to make them look like a twisted cord. And then lay it across the pattern in the appropriate places and tack it down securely. Since I have never used this technique before, I hope it comes out ok. Will be posting pictures as I progress! :~)