Wednesday, January 28, 2009

HAED Wicca Progress 3 ...

Hello Again My Friends!!!

Well I haven't gotten very much done on this pattern. But I haven't been able to stitch the past couple of days due to other things going on. We've had lots of errands to run, etc. But I do plan on stitching a bit tonite & then more tomorrow for sure. Anyway, as I've told you I am stitching this pattern along with a friend online. She is such an amazing stitcher that is lightening fast. I am really enjoying stitching along with her. But when she posts updates I get a little bit discouraged since I am not able to keep up in the least. I mean I am still working on my first page & she has already completed 4 pages! So I am going to post a picture of my progress so far, which doesn't look like anything yet, and then I'll post a couple of updates that my friend has posted, all in a matter of days of each other. It is truly amazing at how much stitching she is able to complete in such a short amount of time.

Here is my progress so far ...


So here it is so far. No longer looks like I'm stitching a cow, but it's obvious that you can't tell what it is to become yet. But I'll get there ... one stitch at a time. I am really enjoying stitching this pattern. Oh! Also I ordered some "stitchers tools" which should be arriving tomorrow that will help me along the way. One tool is a floss organizer so that I can cut several strands of floss ahead of time. The other is a needle organizer so that I can pre-thread all the colors of floss for this pattern & won't have to worry about re-threading for each color. Can't wait to get those! :~D

Ok, so now here are my friend's latest updates.

Small Angella's Progress 2

2 pages completed by my friend.

Small Angella's Progress 3

4 pages completed.

We started this pattern together on January 19th. On January 22, my friend had her first page finished. Then her second page was finished on January 24th. As of yesterday, January 27, she had completed both her third and fourth pages. And I am still working on the popcorn/confetti stitching of my first page. But I'll get there. I had one friend that compared me to a turtle & my SAL friend to a cheetah. But not in a bad way. She also said it's like taking a road trip. My kind of stitching is like being on a road trip & seeing all the sights along the way & truly enjoying the trip. My SAL friend's kind of stitching is like being on a road trip & only stopping for gas along the way. I am absolutely sure that my friend that is also stitching Wicca is also really enjoying stitching the piece, so I am not so sure that this is quite the right metaphor. I think that she just is so excited about the pieces that she stitches that she is able to really stitch fast! I'm like a Volkswagon Bug and she's a Ferrari! LOL!!!

So there is our progress so far! I will post more soon!

Until Next Time,
♥ Margie ♥


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

You both are doing a great job!!!!!!!!

Tammy said...

This looks great!

Meari said...

Don't be too discouraged... I could see progress right away :) You're right... it doesn't look like a cow anymore! Keep pluggin along... You're doing great!

Romantic Fool said...

You are doing fine!!! I'm also working on a HAED pattern and I have yet to finish the 4th page myself. And I've been stitching on it for at least 6 months!!! Everyone goes at their own pace! No right or wrong speed, just enjoy the process!