Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So Excited! So Close to Being Finished!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

I am so excited! I am getting so very close to getting this piece finished! I have another update to show you of my progress. And after I uploaded this picture to my facebook album, I realized that I missed stitching the stem of the weather vain on the top of the barn! LOL! So I will have to go back & do that. But that's ok. Stuff happens. I was trying to hurry along and just missed it all together.

So here is my updated progress!


It's really starting to come alive and take shape! I will go tomorrow and get those other carrot buttons and then I'll attach one to my piece. And get that all mailed off! I hope the person that will receive this likes this pattern series. I just love it and can't wait to stitch the entire series for myself!

Happy Stitching Everyone!

Until Next Time,
♥ Margie ♥


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Looks great!

Ğ¢atyana said...

It's so nice! I like it!

Chiloe said...

If she doesn't like, I'll take it !!! lol I love it !!!