Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lack of Sleep is Causing My Stitching to Suffer ...

So I haven't done any stitching in just over a week ~ it's been very frustrating. I have wanted to stitch, however I am having some issues with sleeping & so therefore when I am awake I feel to mentally & physically drained to concentrate on any stitching. Believe me it's not the lack of wanting to stitch. I just haven't had the energy. And of course since my stitching is suffering, so is the laundry & housework. So I will have to concentrate on that first before I allow myself to work on stitching. I will probably try to pick up my needle on occasion when taking a break from doing some cleaning and between loads of laundry. And once I get caught up on that I am full speed ahead with a needle & floss for sure!!! And it's funny, well not really haha funny, but still funny none the less, that my friend that I have been SALing with on HAED Wicca is also stitching a little slower the past week or so. Which would have been a great time for me to make some progress to try to catch up with her if I had the energy LOL. Oh well so is life. :~)

As it is now reached the midnite witching hour, I find myself still awake but starting to feel the sandman so this is a good thing. At least it's not 5am like it has been most nites over the last almost week & a half.

And with that I wish you all a fond g'nite & will post again very soon!

Until Next Time,