Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My First 2010 Finish!!!

Hello Stitching Friends!!!

So on my last post I told you about about the bead situation for the angel. And let me just say that I am SO happy that I drove the distance to the LNS and got the Mill Hill beads rather than just using the ones that I thought would be ok that I bought at Joanns. The ones I bought at Joanns would have been way too big and were also the wrong color gold. There is a really big difference between just seed beads and petite seed beads.

I am extremely happy to be finished with this angel, but more importantly to be finished with this RR all together. I know the other ladies in the RR will be so happy that their pieces are moving along and will soon be back in their possession. So just to recap ... my piece was the one that I stitched with my own design and said Kelli's Room on it. Once I get my piece back, I will be framing it and hanging it in my daughter's room. The next piece was the angel, however due to the issues that I had with this pattern, as well as some personal things going on, I received the next piece and still had the angel. So I stitched the next piece which was the EMS Geranium Fairy. I am really happy with how that piece turned out and I love the effects of the sparkly blending floss that I used on parts of it. The next piece was the trumpet playing frog. That one I think is pretty cute. And after looking back at the piece I think the whole set of designs look really cute together. And then it was back to the angel. And now she is FINISHED!!! (doin the happy dance!)

So without further a due (don't know if I have that spelled right for that phrase), HERE SHE IS!!!


The above is the picture that was taken using my scanner. Below is a picture I took with my camera in order to be able to show how she sparkles with all the metallic floss and the beads.


The colors just look better under the "natural light" lamp then they do from the scanner. But with the scanner you can see more detail. If you look closely at the white part of her dress, that is the Wisper floss by Rainbow Gallery. There are 2 different colors. Let me just tell you, that is some interesting floss to work with. It's easier to see the Wisper floss in the second photo.

So starting tomorrow (really today since it is now nearly 4am) I will get back to working on Henry. I am looking forward to doing that. This not sleeping at night thing is getting old real quick however. I have so much to do "today". We have a couple of different appointments we must go to that are almost back to back. So there will be no opportunity for a nap. Once we are home from the second appointment, I am sure I will just drop for at least a couple of hours. Thankfully my husband is off so he will be home to help with the kids while I crash for a lil bit lol.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday & I'm sure I'll be posting another update of Henry really soon! :~)

Happy Stitching!

Until Next Time,
♥ Margie ♥


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

She is gorgeous Margie!
Congrats on your beautiful first finish of 2010!

Sharon said...

So very pretty! Congrats on such a lovely finish... :)

Sharon said...

She is lovely! Congrats!