Saturday, September 25, 2010

September ATC Finishes & One Received ...

Hi Stitching Friends!

Yes it's me again, coming to you with my September ATC finishes and also a picture of the one that I have received so far.

So the themes for September were ...
Cross Stitch ATC's ~ Letter 'B' and Flower Power
Addicted to Cross Stitch ATC's ~ Pigs

For the Letter 'B' one, I wanted to do something different than just a pretty girly typical letter B. So I have this book with kids theme alphabets. And there is this one alphabet they call "Creepy Crawly". I saw that and thought to myself, "oh yeah this is the one".

So here is how it turned out ...

Small Letter B

It was my husband's idea to add the "splat" stickers LOL. The lady that received it thought it was great and said that her son REALLY loved it! LOL!

Then for the next theme, Flower Power, I knew the second I read that theme exactly what I was going to do for it. The only problem was I knew the pattern was larger than normal. But it was such a perfect pattern that I HAD to make it work.

And here it is!

Small Flower Power

In order to make this design fit on the 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inch card stock, I had to stitch this piece on 22 count aida. The smallest I have ever stitched on before was 18 count, so this was definitely different. I used only 1 strand of floss for each X. And the main green color called for 2 different colors of floss combined. So what I had to do for that was I did the first half of the X in one color and the other half of the X in the other color. The second color was a DMC Light Effect light green color. The silver on the piece was also a DMC Light Effects floss. I hadn't used that before, but believe me, my Thread Heaven came in very handy. So what do you think of it? I had to admit, I wanted to keep this one for myself LOL! A lot of the ones that I have been seeing others post are just of flowers, which are all very beautiful. But to me, "Flower Power" is best represented by stuff from the 60's. :~)

The other theme, Pigs, seemed simple enough. But when going through my leaflets and books, I was surprised to see that I had hardly any pigs patterns. But I went online and found a pig that I thought was both cute and different.

And here she is! ...

Small Lil Piggie

I think she turned out pretty cute, don't you? After stitching with 1 strand of floss on 22 count aida, switching back to 14 count aida with 2 strands was really weird lol! I wasn't sure at all how to embellish this one, so I just added the pink rhinestones. My husband said I should have mounted the piece on some "mud brown" cardstock, but I didn't have any, so this was the next best thing I think. What do you think?

So those were all the ones that I have done for September. My favorite out of all three is definitely the Flower Power one. But I did have fun stitching all of them.

So far, I have received the Flower Power one for the month of September. It is absolutely beautiful!

Small Flower Power

The lady that sent this one to me crocheted the flower in the top right corner herself! Isn't it cute?! I couldn't do that in a million years lol!

So I have still to receive the Letter B and Pig for September. And then the Pay It Forward exchange once it gets around to me. And then sadly, I have still yet to receive an Oriental theme ATC from back in May. Apparently there was some sort of a mix up when the emails were sent out and one lady received two Oriental theme ATC's and I received none. :~/ But it's ok. I really do love all the ones that I have received! :~)

So now I am all done with ATC's until Octobers themes come out. I am REALLY looking forward to those! :~) October is my favorite month of the year and Autumn is my favorite season!!! Should be lots of fun! :~) With this ATC break, I'm going to get busy on finishing Henry since I've had to put him off for so long with my MIA glasses issue and such. I can't wait to get him back home to his owner.

And with that I'm off to do some stitching!

Happy Stitching Everyone!!!

Until Next Time,
♥ Margie ♥

Friday, September 24, 2010

August ATC Finishes & Ones Received ...

Hi there Stitching Friends!

Yes, I am still here, alive & kicking. I have been stitching away on the cute lil ATC's. And sadly, been neglecting my poor blog. But no more! I have A LOT to post for you! :~) First in this post I will add my August ATC pieces that I did and also the ones that I received. Then I'll add another post for September. Sound good? Well here we go then!

So August's theme was Mother's Day and Father's Day for the Facebook Cross Stitch ATC's group. And for the new ATC group on Facebook, Addicted to Cross Stitch ATC's (yes I definitely fit right into that group!), the theme was Birds of a Feather.

Ok, so for the Mother's Day and Father's Day themes, it could be anything that you would basically stitch for your own Mom and Dad, because not all the women or the one guy in the group are moms or a dad. So I found a couple of cute patterns and started stitching!

Here is what I stitched for the Mother's Day and Father's Day themes ...

Small Mother's Day

Small Father's Day

After I had finished and mailed the Father's Day one off, it wasn't until after the person received it and I had the pic posted up on Facebook, that I realized ... uh duh, football season is not in June! Ok, so I had a blonde moment lol. The ladies that received both these pieces really liked them. Out of the two, the I ♥ Mom one was my favorite. I think I might have to stitch another one to send to my Mom next year for Mother's Day! :~)

For the Birds of a Feather theme, they said it could be any kind of bird, real or imaginary or cartoon. So, being the Looney Tunes type of girl that I am, the first thought in my head was, you guessed it, TWEETY BIRD!!! :~D I really had fun with this one and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out. As of today, the recipient still hasn't posted if they've received it, so I really hope this one isn't lost in the mail. It was going all the way to Australia, and I'm not sure how long first class mail takes to get there from here in the states.

Anyway, here's Tweety!

Small Birds of a Feather

Isn't he just way too cute?! All the ones that I've seen people posting, all of them are real birds. I was surprised that I didn't see more people that did Tweety or any other cartoon birds for their ATC.

So those are the ATC's that I stitched for the month of August. And now I'll show you the ones that I received for all three themes ...




They're all very cute and I just love the way each person chose to embellish them! :~)

Oh and in case, any of you are wondering, the Pay It Forward ATC exchange is still going. Although no one seems to be admitting who has it at the moment. I haven't received any messages yet asking if I'm participating in it or not. But when I do, mine is all ready to be mailed out! :~)

So that's it for August ATC's! Thanks so much for reading my blog!

Happy Stitching!

Until Next Time,
♥ Margie ♥