Monday, March 14, 2011

A Great Surprise in the Mail for ME!

Hello My Friends! 

I hope you are all doing well and that the year so far has been very productive and fun for you. I myself haven't done any stitching since my last post. My bug has just disappeared completely. Well that's not completely true. I did do an ATC a couple nights ago. I can't believe it but it only took me 2 nights to do it. And it was a blackwork/backstitch design. It was a lot of fun. I used a variegated red. 
Here is how it turned out ... 


I put it on a foil/metallic card stock which I think really helped bring out all shades of red in the ATC. So what do you think? 
So ... my great surprise that came in the mail for me today! :~) You might remember a while back when I posted about my missing RR piece of the cute lil stitch devils. Well one of my online stitching friends that was part of that RR, who was also very upset that mine never made it back to me, she got three other ladies to help her out and together they stitched a new lil stitch devils RR piece for me! It made me feel so special and good inside. What a wonderful surprise and totally made my year. :~) 

Here's what they made for me ... 


How cute is this?!!! And you can't really see bcuz for some reason my scanner doesn't pick up on it, but the three other than the one with the basket all have sparkly floss in part of them. The blue floss has sparkles, the scissors have sparkles and the sewing machine too. And on the one with the sewing basket has 3D floss in the basket and real buttons just below it. Didn't they do an awesome job?!!! :~D I'm so excited about it and can't wait to get it framed and hung up. I have to measure it, but if it fits in a 12"x12" frame, there is a red metallic frame that I think it will look perfect in. :~) 

I am so thankful and lucky to have such wonderful stitchy friends like them. Thank you to Peggy, Cei, Carol and Kitty!!! 

Until Next Time,
♥ Margie ♥

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GoldenAngelsWorks said...

How wonderful that they did that for you. I know you were very upset that the last one never made it home.