Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mi Vida Loca ...

Hello Everyone!

How does time always seem to go by faster and faster and before we know it days turn into weeks and we've barely blinked an eye?! Growing up we wish for time to go faster so that a weekend will come faster, or a holiday, or special occasion, or something to that extent. And in so wishing so, we set our lives on fast forward and once that begins it never goes back, it only goes faster. It would be nice that my kids didn't grow up too fast. I treasure every single day with them bcuz I know that before I know it they will be grown.

Anywho, so it seems I haven't posted to my blog since August 10th. I have stitched a little bit, but not really, in my opinion, enough to post about. I have, however, updated the pattern for the birth announcement since my friends have had their baby girl on September 8th!!! :~) She is SO adorable!!! I will show you the updated pattern. Within the next couple days I am going to post a picture of one little tiny piece that I stitched for them of two pink little footprints. I just have to iron, trim & put it together into the little white oval frame and I plan on adding some pink ribbon in a bow. 

So for now, all I have to show you is the updated pattern. I think now it looks more balanced. Also remember, that the baby's name and the names of the parents will be backstitched with two strands of floss and the rest of the backstitching is using one strand. 


So what do you think? I wish there was a way to show the difference of how the names will look with the different backstitching. But with the last progress update photo in the previous post, you should be able to see how that looks. 

Well that's all for now. Happy Stitching everyone! 

Until Next Time,
♥ Margie ♥