Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's 2012! Time for My 2012 Crafty Goals!!!


Happy 2012 Everybody!!!

It's a new year, so it's time for 2012 Stitching/Sewing/Crocheting GOALS!!!

 Let's start with the shortest list to the longest ... 
2012 Crocheting Goals

1 ~ Finish crocheting my daughter's afghan
2 ~ Finish the scarf that I started for my daughter
3 ~ Make a scarf for my son (if he wants one)

2012 Sewing Goals 

1 ~ Finish blanket for my father in law
2 ~ Make apron for father in law
3 ~ Finish aprons for stitching friend's kids
4 ~ Make stockings for sister & niece
5 ~ Finish blankets for two cousins
6 ~ Work on inventory of aprons and stockings

And now for the LONG list ... 

2012 Stitching Goals 

1 ~ Finish Henry for stitching friend
2 ~ Finish birth announcement piece
3 ~ Get back to & finish Red Rose that is artwork by my brother
4 ~ Finish Elemental Cosmos
5 ~ Stitch 3 versions of "Rules for Life" pattern
6 ~ Make some good progress on HAED Wicca
7 ~ Make some good progress on HAED Pale Rose
8 ~ Make some good progress on America the Beautiful
9 ~ Make some good progress on Elemental Masks (& maybe finish?)
10 ~ Finish the kids trick or treat bags

So there are my Crafty Goals for 2012. I would like to get at least one or two pieces stitched in time for the county fair in April, so we shall see! :) 

Happy New Year!!!

Until Next Time,
♥ Margie ♥


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

That is alot of goals but I know u can do it.

I am still trying to figure out what goals I want to complete this year.

Wanda-Maria Roszak said...

Your works are beautiful!
I invite you to Free-access website of people from around the world, is free, I'm there too,
the best, good luck,