Saturday, July 21, 2012

Some Great Changes to My Blog!

Hello My Friends and Blog Followers! 

Thank you to some wonderful Facebook friends and my husband who is great at finding resources online, I have been able to make some changes on my blog that I am really happy with! 

As you can see, I have changed the whole look of my blog to a new template. I have added tabs! Super excited about those. :) And I have learned how to change the font of the body of my blog posts to something that is NOT listed in the very limited 7 fonts that Blogger has available. Even more excited about that than I am about the tabs! :) 

So please have a look around, click on the different tabs, and let me know what you think! :)

Happy Stitching, Crafting & Blogging!!! 

Until Next Time,
♥ Margie ♥


J.M.Cornwell said...

The pink is very visible but the purple is a bit difficult to see, especially for anyone with any kind of eye problems (near-sighted, far-sighted, astigmatism, etc.). While aesthetically pleasing, the main point should be clarity and ease of reading since this is a visual medium.

I'm a new lurker.

Shelleen said...

I like the purple but also found it hard to see. The pink is great. It is fun playing with new looks for blogs.

Meari said...

The blog layout looks great. How do you get different fonts?

Margie said...

Thank you all for the feedback :) I appreciate it :)

Meari, here is the blog that helped me with how to change the font within the body of my posts ... ~~~ for the rest of my blog, I went into design/templates/advanced to change the font for each area :)

Shari said...

thanks for the kind comments you left on my blog.....
wow, I like some of the things I see on your blog, esp. the different font idea!!! I love the creativity aspect of it!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Lovely upgrades to your blog! You should put a picture of yourself in your about me tab!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Looks great!

Margie said...

Thank you Shari, Dani & Dawn :)

Dani, that's a good idea. I never even thought of doing that. I was too busy thinking about pics of my stitching and other creative ventures that it just never crossed my mind. :) Going to add that right now :)