Friday, December 5, 2014

Weekly Rotation #6 ~ Rules for Life 11/29-12/04

Hi there Friends, Family and Fellow Crafters! 

Great news! As you can see, this isn't my normal Saturday post following a full week of stitching. The reason for that is ... I HAVE A FINISH!!! Yes, that's right, I have finished Rules for Life by Kincavel Krosses! I finished it last night. This is Finish #5 for 2014! I am loving the progress that I am making on all of my projects by doing this rotation! It is really working out well for me. 

Without further delay, here is my finished Rules for Life! 

 photo c1753cd6-20c2-4e93-970c-1fbadaaee9f6_zpsa1f64fb3.jpg

Since this piece is finished with a day left to spare in the weekly rotation, I was trying to decide what to work on. I thought about working on one of my other projects. I also thought about starting a new Rules for Life, but in different colors, which I do want to do anyway. I also thought about just starting on Queen Bee a day early. After all that thinking, I decided that just adding the extra day to my Queen Bee rotation is best. 

So next up on the rotation, Queen Bee by Unconventional Cross Stitch! 

Until Next Time,
♥ Margie ♥