Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Just a Little Update on Elemental Masks ...

Hi there! 

I hope you are all doing very well! I am doing well, just trying to survive this insane desert summer heat that I live in. I am originally from Southern California and I transplanted to Southern Arizona in 1999. People told me, "oh you'll get used to it once you acclimatize", Yeah, well, I'm still waiting for that to happen! LOL ☺ 

So I've been getting a little bit done on Elemental Masks. With the heat, I'm not stitching quite as much. I think pretty soon I might end up being up very late at night just to stitch in cooler temps. 

Here is my update for now ... 

 photo Restart 3_zpsx0spj9ii.jpg

This confetti stitching is quite the challenge. I'm sure there has to be an easier way to work on confetti stitching than the way that I am doing it. I have been using different color highlighters and light colored markers to mark off each and every symbol on my chart so that I know exactly where I have to stitch each color. I mark off a symbol on the chart, and then I stitch all the stitches on the page for that symbol, and then I do the same for the next symbol, and so on. Is there an easier way, my stitching friends? Please let me know! ☺

That's all that I have for now! 

Until Next Time, 
♥ Margie ♥