Crafting With Bottle Caps

I have started creating these cute bottle cap crafts. They can be made into magnets, needle minders, bracelets, pet ID tags and necklaces. Stop by my Crafting with Bottle Caps Facebook page and check it out!

If you would like to order any of the items that I make, just send me a private message via my Crafting with Bottle Caps Facebook page with the item(s) that you would like to purchase along with your PayPal email address and shipping information. Be sure to include whether or not you would like a magnet set, needle minder, bracelet, necklace or pet ID tag. Once I have your order ready for shipment, I will send you an invoice via PayPal. Then after payment is received, your order will be shipped to you!

Magnets and Needle Minders ~ $4
Magnet Sets ~ 3 Magnets $10 ~~~ 6 Magnets $20
Necklaces ~ $7
Necklaces w/ Charm ~ $9
Bracelets ~ $10
Bracelets w/ Charm ~ $12
Earrings ~ $10
Necklace and Earrings Set ~ $15
Necklace and Earrings and Bracelet Set $23

Here are some of the bottle caps and items that I have available ...

 photo 11043085_950658054966931_2079097680973476377_n_zpslpv9efgk.jpg  photo 10391029_956641621035241_3902013845714824295_n_zpslhizp1sh.jpg  photo 10425468_950658101633593_3491661778127083445_n_zps26illzsg.jpg  photo 10888558_10204815868969207_2527413017104431242_n_zpsu4tkxdnl.jpg  photo LA Dodgers_zpsaivcibwz.jpg  photo Skellington Coffee Set of 6_zpsnozf0tsp.jpg  photo 10945597_10204814956186388_330728643705440983_n_zps8hafxctd.jpg  photo 10620790_10204815572201788_3669906944283667975_n_zpszfvqr53m.jpg  photo FullSizeRender_4_zps1wcdray3.jpg  photo FullSizeRender_zpshwvwwp58.jpg  photo 11078082_962243817141688_6086629654522875753_n_zpsddjfzjcg.jpg  photo 11083887_962243890475014_3110269045069720115_n_zpsnbnrcp4c.jpg  photo 11075202_962243800475023_1185051934452088546_n_zpskqsvrgmx.jpg  photo 10516869_962243780475025_7890596969788608699_n_zpsg7ubrsom.jpg  photo 11059439_962245377141532_8369742721339236758_n_zpsr1efiuux.jpg  photo 11083613_962245337141536_4656242796203186303_n_zpsf7vqpu3b.jpg  photo 10338741_962244227141647_8631338669481447736_n_zpsekuwrb1n.jpg  photo 1901269_962245847141485_1138727095581359202_n_zpsvygvjpbj.jpg  photo FullSizeRender_zps0pwtbpxv.jpg  photo FullSizeRender_2_zpshwqnlweb.jpg  photo FullSizeRender_zpsyfe06rmw.jpg

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