Stitching George Washington

Hello! I want to share with you an amazing project that I am taking part in! I'm very excited about it! 

I'm sure most if not all of you have seen the historical painting of George Washington Crossing the Delaware, which is shown above. This is a very very large painting. One of my fellow stitchers, Heather, had an idea that is truly incredible. She designed a pattern that is greater than life size to the painting. This painting is 12 feet 5 inches tall and 21 feet 3 inches wide. Our stitched version will be 17 feet 9 inches tall and 27 feet 9 inches wide. It will use 10,073 skeins of floss in over 200 colors. The pattern, which is in a very large print to make it extremely easy to read is 10,360 pages, which does not include the floss and stitch keys. She has divided the pattern into 112 sections. Each section will be stitched by a different stitcher, in a 5 year time frame. Once all of the sections are completed they will be mailed back to Heather, who will put all the pieces together into one HUGE stitched piece. Once that is done, Heather will be taking the finished piece to the National Needle Arts Association show in Washington DC, where representatives from the Guinness Book of World Records will measure it for the world record of Largest Cross Stitched Piece! After which, the piece will be donated to a museum where everyone can see and enjoy it! Isn't that exciting?! ☺

Since coming up with this wonderful idea, Heather has created a group on Facebook where all of the stitchers involved can gather for information and updates on the status of this wonderful project. The Facebook group can be located HERE. Also a blog is being created with all of the information and bios of all of the stitchers. The blog can be found  HERE.. I am including this page on my blog to show my journey in this project. There are three of us helping Heather to admin the group on Facebook, as well as other tasks, like creating and upkeep of the blog and helping to do other tasks, Pearl, Lisa and myself. Pearl did a wonderful job and found sponsors for the project who will provide us with all of the fabric and floss that we need! Wichelt will be supplying the fabric and Sullivans will be providing us with all of those 10,073 skeins of floss! Isn't that fantastic! Lisa is doing a great job with putting together and the upkeep of our blog. It is looking great so far! I am working on creating documents of if information and rules & regulations for the group, because with that many people, there can be some unexpected drama, and we'd like to avoid that at all costs. We want to keep this a fun and exciting and positive experience for everyone involved. Also I am currently working on letters/emails to send to some cross stitch magazines in hopes that they will publish something about this incredible project and journey in their magazines.

So where are we right now with this project? Well, I'm glad you asked! Currently, all of the 112 sections are being assigned to stitchers that have volunteered for this project. I believe that we almost have all of them covered. We are waiting for the sponsors to send the supplies to Heather. With such a large piece of fabric and such a huge quantity of floss, it will take some time to get those shipped out. Once Heather receives the supplies, she will divide it all up into kits for each section and we will pay her to ship the supplies to us so that we can begin stitching!

So that is where we are right now! Please join in cheering us all on in this incredible and amazing and wonderful journey that Heather has created for us!!!

Until Next Time,
♥ Margie ♥

July 20th, 2015

Happy News!!! Today Heather received all of the fabric for this tremendous project! All in one big giant box!

Now we are waiting for the floss to arrive at her doorstep. It's a big job putting together over 10,000 skeins of floss for shipping!

Until Next Time,
♥ Margie ♥

August 13th, 2015

Here are a couple of pictures of the good people at Sullivans getting all the floss organized for shipping and then the boxes ready to be shipped to Heather!

Should be arriving at Heather's home within the next few days!

Until Next Time,
♥ Margie ♥

August 15th, 2015

YAY!!! So excited!!! The floss boxes have arrived at Heather's house! And the very good people at Sullivans were so generous and included needles, floss bags, floss organizer cards, needle threaders and needle boxes!!! How wonderful!!!

Now Heather has to organize and kit up all the floss & fabric for all 112 sections. It's such a huge undertaking for one person to do. And Heather also has a full time job and other daily tasks that she has to take care of. She definitely has more than a full plate! I wish I lived closer so that I could help her with all of this.

It will take a good amount of time for everything to be organized and kitted up, but once that's done, everyone will send their cost for shipping and then the kits will be shipped out! Then it will be TIME TO STITCH GEORGE WASHINGTON!!! ☺

Until Next Time,
♥ Margie ♥

OCTOBER 16th, 2016


Hello there Everyone! ☺ Just a little update on this project. Yes it is still happening. And no, it hasn't started just yet. All of the materials have all finally been sent and received by the creator of this awesome project. And Heather has been working very hard to get everything all divided up for each person that is stitching a piece of the design. With work and life and everything else that happens and has been happening, and having to put together 112 kits, it has been challenging to say the least to get it all done. Heather has started sending out the boxes to everyone with all of the materials that each person will need to complete their section. There are a few that are also going across the pond to Europe. Once everyone has received their materials, then Heather will set a start date! ☺ We did have some issues with some people giving up on waiting and grew very impatient and said some really mean things about Heather and the admins of the group on Facebook. It was very upsetting. I guess they just figured all Heather had to do was snap her fingers and all the kits would make themselves in the blink of an eye. It as a frustrating time. and those people have left the group and project. I believe we called up all of the backup stitchers to stitch a section after that happened. If you are still interested in being a back up stitcher or this project, be sure to visit and join the group and post on the group page and tag the admins so we can be sure that your name gets added to the back up list. ☺

More to come soon!!! ☺

Until Next Time,
♥ Margie ♥

AUGUST 11th, 2017


Hello there Everybody!!! Great news! Getting close to almost all of the boxes have been shipped out and patterns are starting to be emailed! ☺ This is getting very exciting!!!



Heather said...

Do you have the link to the fb group? I'd love to follow with your process there if you are accepting outsiders

Margie said...

I sent you an email Heather! :)

Thao Nguyen said...

Would you kindly add me to your list on Facebook? Would love to follow the progress and volunteer as a backup stitcher if needed. GW is my favorite historical President and the Scarlet Quince version is on my future projects list.

Just curious, was this project inspired by the Battle of Grunwald epic cross-stitch project?

Margie said...

Hi Thao ~

The person who created the pattern for this project, and started this fantastic project, is also stitching her own huge pattern of the Battle of Grunwald. However, I am sure the "Battle of Grunwald epic cross-stitch project" that you are referring to is one that was done by several stitchers in Poland. That truly was an epic piece, but I cannot say for sure whether or not this was Heather's motivation for coming up with this project.

Okkum Kim said...

Hi Margie! I would have loved to have been a part of this. It looks like you have all your stitchers but could I be added to a backup stitcher list? Let me know what I need to do!

Thank you!

Margie said...

Okkum Kim ~

Be sure to join and post in the FB group that you would like to be added to the backup stitcher list. :)

Thank you for your interest! :D